Art Glitter & Confetti, #191 Hexagon Holo Green

    Premium, cosmetic grade loose glitters are polyester coated for radiant shine & shimmer. Blend with sculpting powder, embed in gel, or sprinkle over polish for extra glam. Available in subtle to super-intense effects. Sizes range from super-fine to granular cuts, shapes, and textures.

    PROS for the Pros:

    • Non-toxic

    • Available in 1 oz. jars

    • Available in 164 effects, shapes, sizes, and textures

    • Easy to apply on natural nails or artificial enhancements

    • Polyester coated & solvent resistant; will not dissolve or bleed color when wet

    • Effects: Fairydust, fringe, mylar, synthetic mother-of-pearl, iridescent, chrome, holographic

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